Say hello to a brand new you

3Beauties, where beauty shouldn't be a hassle

Say hello to a brand new you, and redefine everything you
once knew about looking your best.

Give yourself a revamp with our plethora of semi-permanent cosmetic treatments to ensure that you
are always effortlessly ready for any photo-op, sweeping everyone off their feet. The icing on the cake?
It’s as simple as cake for you.

About Us

3 BEAUTIES was founded by Master Stylist, Ms Kiwi Tseng, who hails from Taiwan. Our core belief is to provide the best beauty services at an affordable rate – this enables us to reach out to the masses.

We deeply understand the dynamics and importance of achieving the best results for our clients. We use only the highest quality & proven products

We believe in giving the best service, quality & we go beyond the traditional beauty services for our clients. Think brow, lash & skincare… Think 3 Beauties

Our internationally renowned certifications

The PhiAcademy accreditation is an internationally recognized certification. The step by step qualification assessment ensures that all certified beauty artists / therapists meets the stringent certification standards.

Eliminate the risk factor – do not take chances with unknown certification standards.

Keep a lookout for PhiAcademy accreditation when choosing your next beauty salon!

3 Beauties Salon Treatments

3 Beauties Salon Treatments


We bring to you a one-stop beauty service boutique for all things beauty. Unleash your innermost vanity by treating yourself to the latest and most advanced beauty treatments and techniques as performed by our professional stylists. Look no further, it’s all here for you.


What we offer

3 Beauties Academy

3 Beauties Academy


Learning is a lifelong virtue. Pre-register now and jump to the front of the pack to learn more about what our classes have to offer. To maintain the highest of standards and integrity that we proudly hold ourselves to, please note that there are limited slots available every season. Your first class towards being first-class starts right here.

One-stop Treatment Salon


Have your brows always be at the ready.

Yes, always – we aren’t kidding.

Raise brows on the streets for all the right reasons with us. Walk with confidence with our revolutionary brow enhancement treatments that bring you hyper-realistic, long-lasting brow work. Bold, natural, or classy? We have it all, the choice is yours.


Bigger and brighter eyes

They always say, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But is it, really?

Be the talk of the town with our patented invisible lash line enhancement. No matter the weather, rain or shine, be prepared to mesmerize.


Be who you want to be, anytime.

Why shackle yourself to a single look, when you can be whoever you want to be?

No matter the occasion, ensure you turn up to the occasion with the limelight on you with our lash extensions. Feeling sexy, demure, or edgy? Rest. Our custom-designed lashes effortlessly do the work for you.


We don’t just pay lip service.

At 3Beauties, you actually get the lips you duly deserve.

Want supple, sultry, full lips with colour? We’ve got the goods. Give everyone a run for their money the moment you unmask and pull everyone towards you with your gravity.


No more Ahs and Ouches.

Your skin is your canvas. Give yourself a fresh, clean slate all over again and paint your new story.

Our state-of-the-art PhiRemoval treatment promises you a pain-free experience, freed from the pangs of pain and discomfort. Semi-permanent makeup and unwanted tattos begone, hello new you-all without pain, risk, or pigment damage.

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