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Always Be the Star of the Show with 3Beauties' Eyebrow Embroidery Services

“Wow, you have really nice brows!”

“I want your brows!”

“Where did you get your brows done?”

Wouldn’t it be great to hear these compliments every day?

Ditch the eyebrow pencil and say hello to having perfect brows forever with 3Beauties’ signature brow embroidery services in Singapore.

The blueprint for bespoke eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore

Many eyebrow embroidery salons will claim to be the best eyebrow embroidery service provider out there.

Our eyebrow embroidery salon at 3Beauties sets itself apart by being the best at every aspect of eyebrow embroidery.

Here’s what you can expect.

PhiAcademy-patented brow embroidery treatments

misty eyebrow embroidery
ombre powder brows

The patented PhiBrows and PowderBrows eyebrow embroidery services are products of years of hard work and expertise.

We aim to enhance your natural beauty and give you the boost to face each day with confidence.

Only the best eyebrow embroidery artists for our clients

At 3Beauties, you are safe in the hands of the best eyebrow embroidery treatment specialists and brow artists.

All our eyebrow embroidery stylists boast years of experience in the industry to provide you with the pinnacle of brow treatment befitting of royalty.

Inch-perfect precision,
all the time.

Perfection runs at the forefront of our practice, and you deserve no less.

Using the Golden Ratio Eyebrow Mapping Principle as the underbelly of our eyebrow embroidery techniques, our brow technicians will work to meet your satisfaction.

eyebrow embroidery Singapore

Any brow embroidery style under the sun: you name it, we’ll do it

Every eyebrow artist at 3Beauties is dedicated to giving you a pair of symmetrical and complementary brows with the highest possible level of elite precision.

They will work with you to achieve the best brow embroidery style—from ombre brows to natural looking brows or traditional brow embroidery—for your face shape, skin tone, brow shape, and the rest of your facial features.

The safest possible eyebrow embroidery process

Worried about your sensitive skin?

At 3Beauties, we only use medical-grade pigments and equipment for our eyebrow embroidery treatments.

Every single one of our products is produced in line with industry-defined safety standards to ensure that you look your best and do so in the safest possible way.

natural looking brows
brow artist
eyebrow embroidery cost

The apex of quality for your eyebrow embroidery needs

We use only the most premium pigments and equipment at our disposal to create the perfect brows for you.

Now you can wake up to stunning brows of unblemished tone and gradient, with maximum colour retention and no unsightly discolourations at 3Beauties.

coloured pigment for eyebrow embroidery

Ready for your first eyebrow embroidery session?

Start off with an individualised, comprehensive consultation with our stylists to determine your unique needs and concerns.

Our eyebrow embroidery services consist of a single or a combination of the following techniques depending on your desired results:

natural brow hairs
natural brows
korean nanotech eyebrow embroidery
brow embroidery services
eyebrow hair colour

Always On-Fleek with 3Beauties' Eyebrow Embroidery

Ace your brow game whenever and wherever you go with our semi-permanent eyebrow embroidery.

No maintenance, just safe, inch-perfect precision for any eyebrow style you want.

Let our professional eyebrow artisans work their magic and get ready to have all eyes on you.


Our works

6D Digital Microblading

custom for face shape
beauty services
best eyebrow for skin tone
embroidery salon
great even for sensitive skin
brow shapes

Powder Ombré Brow

eyebrow salon
semi permanent makeup services
ideal brow shape
real brow hairs
best eyebrow tattoo artist
eyebrow embroidery microblading

Gentleman’s Brow

specialised soft shading technique
natural looking eyebrows
eyebrow embroidery for men
brow powder

Combi Brow

eyebrow embroidery for combination brows
eyebrow embroidery for sparse brows
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Client Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
I want to thank Ms Sandy @3beauties -The Academy for making my eyebrow sooo beautiful 😘😘its beyond my expectations. Right after she done , she gave me the mirror to see,, voila😊soo nice , i cannot express how happy i am ,, thank you Ms Sandy🥰😘,,
Emma Zara
Emma Zara
They did such a great job to remove my red eyebrows tattoo. Painless and affordable place that l’ll recommend to everyone 🫶🏽
Chaw Mg
Chaw Mg
Went for eyes brow embroidery removal today.” Sandy” is very professional and very nice lady . Love the way she explained the procedure and the way she did ( very gentle with care) . I m so happy that I pick the best place to remove my embroidery.
Marrie Tan
Marrie Tan
3 beauties by far is the best place I have gotten my body tattoo TOTALLY removed ! Previously went to others but results wasn’t ideal leaving me scars and was painful . I would suggest coming to this place surely !
jolene chew
jolene chew
jolin has been very helpful throughout my removal process and it has been a very comfortable process as well 🙂 initially i was very scared that it would be painful but she really helped make it as painless as possible, making it a pleasant experience for me! highly recommend 🙂
I did tattoo removal with Jolin and after a month after the first session I saw significant improvement in the lightening of the tattoo 🙂 Thanks for the good service!
Moira Poh
Moira Poh
I went for a consultation on Tat removal. Very in-depth and insightful advice given. No force selling or pushy tactics to make u sign up any packages. 👍🏻👍🏻
Fonda Xia
Fonda Xia
I had multiple tattoos that I wanted to get rid of, and I was worried that removing my tattoo would leave a noticeable scar. My friend recommend me 3 beauties and I read many good review so I decided to try it. Their service was able to remove all my tattoos with no issues and my skin looking smooth and natural now. The results were fantastic!
Braii Lee
Braii Lee
Service was good. Paul the director of the agency treated me as a friend instead of a customer. Very welcoming. Took the extra effort to explain the procedure as well! Thanks 3Beauties
Naomie Kim
Naomie Kim
I was concerned about the time it would take to remove the tattoo but their method was quicker and took less session than I expected! Thank you 3 beauties! I would definitely recommend them to others.
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