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Professional Eyelash Extensions Course Singapore

Learn professional lash extensions the 3Beauties Way with our SkillsFuture Credit-eligible eyelash courses!

Lash extensions have become a must for most ladies in Singapore due to their versatile, convenient and semi-permanent qualities.

All clients need to do is pick their favourite eyelash extension styles and relax for a session at the lash salon to get beautifully framed eyes.

Now, women can go for extended periods of time without wearing makeup and still look effortlessly stunning – great for those struggling with eye makeup (or simply want to sleep in!).

So, whether you’re a beauty therapist looking to broaden your skill set or a newcomer to the eyelash business, you’re at the right place!

Why Pick 3Beauties for Your Eyelash Extension Training?

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Taught by Experts

Our principal trainer, Aleena Hany, is a Master Specialist that has valuable expertise in delivering amazing results to our clients, from natural lashes to volume lashes (See above!).

Moreover, this course is approved by our 3Beauties Director Specialist, Paul Kwan, who has over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry.

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Supporting Learners at Every Step

Our professional-level lash education courses are designed to support you at every part of your lash extension journey, from safely handling professional eyelash extension glue to creating handmade eyelash extension fans.

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Eyelash Training Practicals

Our courses are taught with many practical hours to ensure you get enough hands-on experience to confidently place eyelash extensions for any type of client!

This is your chance to put those valuable skills and knowledge you have learnt to the test. You will also receive personalised feedback from our expert trainers.

Eyelash Extensions Courses Singapore

Eyelash Extensions Fundamentals Course

This eyelash extension course welcomes beginners, hobbyists and even aspiring entrepreneurs who seek formal training in the art of lash extensions.

Advanced Volume Eyelash Extension Course

Expand your skills as a lash artist and take yourself to the next level with our Advanced Volume Eyelash Extension Course.

Professional Eyelash Extensions MasterClass

Set your skillset apart from the rest of your competitors with our intensive 4-day Professional Eyelash Extensions MasterClass

Meet Your Trainers

Kiwi Tseng

Principal Trainer / Director Specialist

Kiwi Tseng

Aleena Hany

Principal Trainer / Master Specialist

Aleena Hany

Jolin Tang

Senior Trainer / Master Specialist

Jolin Tang

Sandy Tang

Senior Trainer / Master Specialist

Sandy Tang

Eyelash Extensions Fundamentals Course
(SkillsFuture Credit-eligible!)

As the lash trend continues to grow, becoming skilled in this niche service can significantly impact your income potential.

Our program covers much more than just learning to place lashes.

Along with fundamental lashing techniques, students practice the unique art of ‘lash mapping’ (strategically enhancing eye shape based on length, curl and diameter of the artificial lash).

eyelash extension course


Open to All, No Experience Needed


2 Days (10 Hours)

Course Outline

– Essential Products and Tools 

– Proper Sanitation / Disinfection of Tools & Workspace

– Proper Bonding Method

– Different Types of Eyelash Curls / Lengths / Diameter

– The Different Types of Eyes

– Eyelash Mapping

– Isolation

– Eyelash Extensions Practical

– Eyelash Extensions Removal

– Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

– Addressing FAQs from Clients

Eyelash Extensions Fundamentals Certificate

Apply for our Eyelash Extension Fundamentals Course now!

Learners that successfully complete this course will gain...

  • A certificate awarded by The Academy @ 3 Beauties.
  • A strong foundation in the proper knowledge and skills of eyelash extension application, removal and aftercare.
  • The ability to craft personalised eyelash extension styles according to different eye shapes with the lash mapping technique.
  • Practical hands-on training in conducting an eyelash extension session from consultation to removal and application.

Advanced Volume Eyelash Extension Course
(SkillsFuture Credit-eligible!)

This advanced training course includes hands-on instructor-supervised training, where you’ll learn how to apply multiple extensions to each natural lash.

Advanced Volume training can help you perfect your current skills and learn new techniques that will grow your skillset.

Your training is followed by personalized feedback and coaching from your trainer.

layering single strand lashes


Recommended for lash artists who have prior experience in classic eyelash extensions


2 Days (11 Hours)

Course Outline

– Instrument Knowledge 

– Lash Curl, Thickness and Length

– Difference between a Mid-set & Full Set

– Handmade vs Pre-made Fans

– How to Create Volume Lash Fans (3 Methods)

– Pre-made Fans Volume Extensions Practical

– How to Bridge Gaps in Natural Lash Line with Volume Fans

– Hand-made Fans Volume Extensions Practical

Advanced Volume Eyelash Extensions Certificate

Apply for our Advanced Volume Eyelash Extension Course now!

Learners that successfully complete this course will gain...

  • A certificate awarded by The Academy @ 3 Beauties.
  • The ability to craft personalised handmade eyelash extension fans using 3 different techniques.
  • Practical hands-on experience in applying pre-made and handmade eyelash extension fans to clients’ natural lashes.

Professional Eyelash Extensions MasterClass

Learners will attend the first 3 days of the course and are required to complete and hand in their homework to their trainer. The 4th day (live model practical) will be arranged separately with their trainer approximately 1-2 weeks after the course end date.

We understand that everyone faces different situations when beginning their eyelash technician journey.

Thus, we also offer a FREE (half-year) refresher course for our learners who want to take this masterclass to address potential problems and to practice and further enhance their skill sets. 

Professional Eyelash Extensions MasterClass


Recommended for Eyelash Technicians who have prior experience in Eyelash Extensions


4 Days (24 Hours)

Course Content

Day 1

  • Understanding the Tools & Their Usages
  • Different types of Eyelash Curls / Lengths / Diameters
  • What are Eyelash Extensions made of?
  • The 5 most common materials of Eyelash Extensions
  • Types of coloured lash extensions & the ways to apply them
  • 6 different coloured lashes & how to match them
  • How to take care of your extensions
  • Aftercare / Do’s & Don’ts
  • Dealing with Clients who have sensitive skin
  • Understanding the people/situations where Eyelash Extensions are not suitable
  • Eyelash Extensions Practice (Mannequin)
  • Homework (To be handed in the next day)

Day 2

  • The different types of eyes
  • Eyelash Mapping
  • Choosing the right lashes
  • Classic, Volume & Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
  • What to do when unexpected situations/problems arise.
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • How to ensure lasting extensions
  • Volume Fans (2D-5D) Practice
  • Homework (To be handed in the next day)

Day 3

  • Procedure (Classic Extensions on a person)
  • Procedure (Volume Extensions on a person)
  • How to remove 1 extension when a mistake has been made
  • How to bridge gaps in natural lash lines with volume fans (2 Methods)
  • Classic Extensions Practice
  • Volume Extensions Practice
  • Homework

Day 4

  • Live Model Practical
  • Technique for Taking Captivating Pictures of Your Work
  • Safeguarding yourself as an Eyelash Technician
  • Preparations to start your own business
Professional Eyelash Extensions MasterClass certificate

Apply for our Professional Eyelash Extensions MasterClass now!

Learners that successfully complete this course will gain...

  • A certificate awarded by The Academy @ 3 Beauties.
  • Advanced, comprehensive knowledge and skills regarding eyelash extensions, from application basics to lash mapping and client consultations.
  • The ability to start your own eyelash extension business and tackle unexpected situations and problems in your way!