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Drawing eyebrows with a brow pencil

Eyebrow Shapes: A Guide for Aspiring Brow Technicians

To become a successful brow technician, you must master the essential skill of creating the best eyebrow shape for each client.

The right eyebrow shape can frame your eyes beautifully and enhance your appearance. Unfortunately, not everyone’s natural brow shape suits their face shaep.

Hence, understanding the different eyebrow shapes and learning how to create them is important for providing your clients with the perfect eyebrows!

In this guide, we’ll explore various eyebrow shapes compatible with the types of face shapes and the techniques you can use to achieve them.

Types of brow shapes

Classic/Soft Arches

Classic or soft arch brows are timeless and versatile eyebrow shape that suits most face shapes.

It features a gentle slight arch that starts slightly above the inner corner of the eye, peaks above the outer edge of the iris, and gently tapers towards the outer corner.

This shape adds definition and lifts the eyes without looking too dramatic.

Both powder brow embroidery and microblading can be suitable for creating classic arches – it all comes down to the skill of the brow artist and the look you’re going for.

While microblading can give you a more natural look with hairlike strokes, powder brow embroidery can give you a more defined and filled-in look.

perfect brows

High Arch

The high arch is a bold, dramatic eyebrow shape that creates a more defined and lifted look.

It features a striking arch that starts above the inner corner of the eye, reaching its highest point above the outer edge of the iris, and descends diagonally towards the outer corner.

This shape adds a sense of elegance and sophistication to the face.

For high arches, powder brow embroidery may be a better option, as the soft, powdered effect enhances the natural shape without making them look overly sharp or exaggerated. This results in a balanced and aesthetically pleasing appearance with sufficient definition.

curved arches

Straight/Flat Brow

Straight eyebrows are styled by a horizontal line that follows the natural shape of the brow bone.

This shape creates a more modern and youthful appearance and works well for individuals who want to achieve a minimalist and low-maintenance look.

Microblading is generally more suitable for this style, creating a soft yet defined shape that enhances the natural brows without adding too much arch or curve.

straight brows

S-Shaped Brow

The S-shaped brow shape is a trendy and glamorous option that adds a touch of elegance and femininity.

This shape creates a beautiful balance between a classic arch and a soft curve. It features a soft curve at the beginning of the brow, followed by a subtle dip, and finishes with a gradual arch towards the tail.

Both powder brow embroidery and microblading are often the preferred choice for creating an S-shaped brow, as fine hair-like strokes can be carefully crafted to mimic the natural hair growth pattern while achieving the desired shape.

angled brush

Rounded Brow

Rounded eyebrows are a soft and natural option that creates a gentle curve without a strong arch while maintaining natural elegance.

The curved brow is a great choice for individuals who seek to add a sense of softness and femininity to their faces.

Both powder brow embroidery and microblading can be used to create a rounded brow.

The method you choose will depend on how much definition and naturalness you want. Powder brow embroidery can give you a rounder, more filled-in shape, while microblading can give you a softer, more textured appearance

round brow

Different face shapes and their complementary brow styles

As a brow technician, it’s crucial to analyse each client’s face shape, bone structure, and personal preferences to create a brow shape that complements their features.

Oval face shape

Individuals with oval-shaped faces tend to have well-proportioned features and softly rounded contours as they have a symmetrical face shape.

This eyebrow shape works well with any brow shape, but our advice is a soft brow with a shallow arch. Avoid overly dramatic or angular arches.

thin eyebrows

Round face shape

Round faces individuals have soft and curved features with a similar width and length. You need to opt for a shape that will create definitions and angles to balance the face.

For this face shape, we recommend a high arch height and sharp, angled brows to contrast the curves of a round face.

Heart face shape

A wider forehead and a narrower, pointed chin characterise the heart-shaped faces.

When shaping eyebrows for this face shape, you need to pick one that can balance the proportions and soften the forehead while complementing the natural contours.

Our recommendation is a soft, rounded arched brows shape that will flatter the face without looking too dramatic.

heart shaped face

Square face shape

Square-faced individuals tend to have angular jawlines and a relatively equal width and length of the face. As the brow technician, you need to draw attention away from the strong jawlines and add curvature to create a more balanced look.

For this, we suggest a soft angled arch to soften the jawline while adding some fullness to the centre of the brows.

thick eyebrows

Diamond face shape

If your client has a diamond-shaped face, they will have a narrow forehead and chin with wider cheekbones. The key here is to soften the angles to provide a more consistent look.

The course of action? Choose a softly rounded arch brow shape to tone down the face angles!

diamond shaped faces

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