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Say Good Bye to Lipstick Touch Ups with 3Beauties' Lip Embroidery

Singapore's Only PhiAcademy-Certified Beauty Salon

Whether you’re doing business or hanging out with friends, having to excuse yourself several times during the night for a quick lipstick touch-up can be annoying.

Granted, it may not be a big deal, but if you have an unbalanced lip colour, uneven lips, dark lips, or pale lips, you know how troublesome it can be.

Whatever your reason is, you can have rosy lips every day with 3Beauties’ lip embroidery in Singapore, a convenient semi-permanent makeup for the lips.

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Longer-lasting lip embroidery

Unlike conventional lip tattoo procedures, our lip embroidery uses synthetic organic micro pigments that ensure better retention for a long-lasting yet natural lip blush.

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Minimal pain

Our semi-permanent makeup procedures are handled by professional artists with appropriate training. A numbing cream will also be applied to your lips before the procedure.

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Personalised lip colour

`Our trained artists will determine the best lip colour to suit your skin tone and features to ensure flawless results that enhance your natural beauty.

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Internationally certified lip embroidery

In our efforts to bring the best semi-permanent makeup procedures to Singapore, we have sought accreditation from PhiAcademy, the biggest beauty academy globally.

We have also completed certifications from beauty institutions in Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam to maintain the safety and quality of our lip embroidery procedure.


Unconvinced yet?
See our lip-blushing procedure in action below.

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traditional lip tattoos vs lip embroidery
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Get Naturally Defined Lips
with 3Beauties' Professional Lip Embroidery in Singapore

Internationally certified and customised to your skin tone and features, our lip embroidery is designed to highlight your natural beauty without the time and effort it usually takes. 

Now you can share uninterrupted moments and keep conversations going with our convenient semi-permanent lip procedure.

Ready to make touch-ups a thing of the past? 

Book a one-on-one appointment with our professionals!

Client Reviews

Based on 152 reviews
I want to thank Ms Sandy @3beauties -The Academy for making my eyebrow sooo beautiful 😘😘its beyond my expectations. Right after she done , she gave me the mirror to see,, voila😊soo nice , i cannot express how happy i am ,, thank you Ms Sandy🥰😘,,
Emma Zara
Emma Zara
They did such a great job to remove my red eyebrows tattoo. Painless and affordable place that l’ll recommend to everyone 🫶🏽
Chaw Mg
Chaw Mg
Went for eyes brow embroidery removal today.” Sandy” is very professional and very nice lady . Love the way she explained the procedure and the way she did ( very gentle with care) . I m so happy that I pick the best place to remove my embroidery.
Marrie Tan
Marrie Tan
3 beauties by far is the best place I have gotten my body tattoo TOTALLY removed ! Previously went to others but results wasn’t ideal leaving me scars and was painful . I would suggest coming to this place surely !
jolene chew
jolene chew
jolin has been very helpful throughout my removal process and it has been a very comfortable process as well 🙂 initially i was very scared that it would be painful but she really helped make it as painless as possible, making it a pleasant experience for me! highly recommend 🙂
I did tattoo removal with Jolin and after a month after the first session I saw significant improvement in the lightening of the tattoo 🙂 Thanks for the good service!
Moira Poh
Moira Poh
I went for a consultation on Tat removal. Very in-depth and insightful advice given. No force selling or pushy tactics to make u sign up any packages. 👍🏻👍🏻
Fonda Xia
Fonda Xia
I had multiple tattoos that I wanted to get rid of, and I was worried that removing my tattoo would leave a noticeable scar. My friend recommend me 3 beauties and I read many good review so I decided to try it. Their service was able to remove all my tattoos with no issues and my skin looking smooth and natural now. The results were fantastic!
Braii Lee
Braii Lee
Service was good. Paul the director of the agency treated me as a friend instead of a customer. Very welcoming. Took the extra effort to explain the procedure as well! Thanks 3Beauties
Naomie Kim
Naomie Kim
I was concerned about the time it would take to remove the tattoo but their method was quicker and took less session than I expected! Thank you 3 beauties! I would definitely recommend them to others.
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