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non laser tattoo removal

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Course Singapore

Receive professional non-laser tattoo removal
training with 3Beauties!

As getting a tattoo grows more common, so does the desire to remove any unwanted tattoos.

No matter your background, we are here to ensure you get proper training from our skilled professionals in non-laser tattoo removal procedures.

But first, let’s address why we teach non-laser instead of laser tattoo removal training.

Why choose non-laser over laser tattoo removal treatments?

Nowadays, laser equipment, such as Q-Switched lasers, has become more popular due to advancements in laser physics. However, laser tattoo removal comes with multiple drawbacks, especially if administered by someone without adequate knowledge of laser safety.

The heat from the laser can burn and damage the skin if it is not used properly, potentially leading to blistering, swelling, infection, and alteration of the usual pigmentation of the skin.

Laser technology can also kill hair follicles, leading to permanent hair loss, similar to the effects of laser hair removal.

This is especially scary if you want to remove eyebrow or eyeliner embroidery!

Meanwhile, our non-laser tattoo removal procedure uses a needle (comparable to a similar tattoo tool used for eyebrow embroidery or micro-pigmentation) and the science of osmosis to draw the pigments to the skin’s surface.

A safe, certified tattoo removal solution is introduced into the epidermis of the skin, displacing the pigment there almost instantly.

The original tattoo ink will be drawn up through the skin, and a scab that contains the tattoo ink will form over the treated region over the next few days. When these scabs fall off, even more tattoo ink will be removed.

This scabbing and healing process will take about a week.

Why Pick Our Tattoo Removal Course?

Internationally-Renowned Certifications


Our syllabus is taught and based according to PhiAcademy’s standards.

The PhiAcademy accreditation is an internationally recognized step-by-step qualification assessment with stringent certification standards.

Taught by Experts

scabs falls off surface dermis layer
removed pigment implanted in treated area

Our principal trainer, Aleena Hany, has valuable expertise in delivering amazing results to our clients as a Master Specialist of this tattoo removal technique (See above!).

Moreover, this course is approved by our PhiAcademy-certified expert and 3Beauties Director Specialist, Paul Kwan, who has over 15 years of experience.

non-laser tattoo removal practical exam

Live Model Practical

At the end of your training course, your trainer will arrange a practical assessment with you on a separate day.

This is your chance to put those valuable skills and knowledge you have learnt to the test!

Meet Your Trainers

Kiwi Tseng

Principal Trainer / Director Specialist

Kiwi Tseng

Aleena Hany

Principal Trainer / Master Specialist

Aleena Hany

Paul Kwan

Principal Trainer / Director Specialist

Paul Kwan

Jolin Tang

Senior Trainer / Master Specialist

Jolin Tang

Sandy Tang

Senior Trainer / Master Specialist

Sandy Tang
eyebrow embroidery course training kit included

and receive a FREE training kit worth $388!

Non-laser Tattoo Removal Courses Singapore

lash academy

Non-laser Tattoo Removal Course

This course welcomes beginners, hobbyists and even aspiring entrepreneurs who seek formal training in the advanced technology of non-laser tattoo removal.

lash pro

Non-laser Tattoo Removal MasterClass

Expand your skills as a semi-permanent makeup artist and take yourself to the next level with our Non-laser Tattoo Removal MasterClass.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Course

In this course, you will learn the theory and skill of the non-laser tattoo removal technique that removes and lightens pigments.

This non-laser tattoo removal skill can be utilised for tattoos of all sizes and semi-permanent makeup from the face and body.

There will be demonstrations and hands-on instructor-supervised training on live models to get you familiar with the process!


Open to All, No Experience Needed


2 Days + 4-hour Live Model Practical

Course Outline

– Introduction to Phi Removal

– About solution

– Product knowledge 

– Dermatology

– Contraindications

– Hygiene

– Machine speeds and needles

– Handpiece guidance and speed

– Correct angles do’s and don’ts

– Penetration depth

– Stretching techniques

– Healing process / Aftercare


– Phi Removal Treatment (Live Model)

certification for eyebrow embroidery

Apply for our non-laser tattoo removal training course now!

Learners that successfully complete this course will gain...

  • A certificate awarded by The Academy @ 3 Beauties.
  • The core knowledge of non-laser tattoo removal techniques and aftercare.
  • Practical hands-on experience in conducting non-laser tattoo removal.
  • The ability to conduct a proper patient consultation assessment before and after the tattoo removal session.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal MasterClass

We recommend only serious learners who can commit to both days and complete the homework given to them.

Your training is followed by personalized feedback and professional coaching from your trainer.


Recommended only for serious learners who can commit to both days and complete assigned homework.


2 Days (18 Hours)

Course Content

Day 1

  • Different types of skin problems
  • The products & their uses. 
  • Using a machine vs traditional hand needle
  • Treatment of different cases
  • Eyebrow, Eyeliner, Lips, & Tattoo Removal 
  • Using this technique to remove mistakes made during eyebrow embroidery
  • Ways to remove different coloured pigments
  • Depth & Strokes Practice on Latex Skin
  • Homework 

Day 2

  • Practice (Latex Skin)
  • Different Solutions & Usage
  • Technique for a Painless Procedure
  • Live Model Trainer Demo
  • Steps for a Safe Procedure & What to Do if a Problem Arises
  • Live Model Practice
  • Healing Process / Aftercare
Non-laser Tattoo Removal MasterClass Certificate

Apply for our Non-laser Tattoo Removal MasterClass now!

Learners that successfully complete this course will gain...

  • A certificate awarded by The Academy @ 3 Beauties.
  • The ability to painlessly and effectively remove multiple types of tattoo pigments on multiple areas of the body and face.
  • Practical hands-on experience in various techniques to remove unwanted tattoos without laser or surgery.