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Where to Get Your Microblading Certification in Singapore

Microblading has become a popular beauty trend in recent years, offering a semi-permanent solution to gaining perfect eyebrows.

As the demand for skilled microblading artists continues to grow, obtaining a microblading certification in this specialised field has become crucial for professionals looking to provide high-quality services.

However, not every microblading course is created equal.

You want to acquire new skills that you can use to kickstart your microblading artist career – not ruin your reputation before you can even begin!

That’s why in this article, we will explore key factors to finding a good trainer for your microblading education in Singapore.


What is an eyebrow microblading certification, and how can I get it?

An eyebrow microblading certification is a document that verifies the successful completion of a training program in the microblading technique.

Microblading certifications often involve:

  • Attending classes, where you will learn about all the tools and techniques related to microblading

  • Completing a set period of training (differs from provider to provider)

  • Hands-on training for multiple eyebrow designs on mock skin and live model practicals

  • Pass the certification exam

Hence, choosing the right microblading course is an important step in your journey towards becoming a skilled microblading artist.

To ensure you receive high-quality education during your training course, it is essential to consider several factors when selecting a microblading academy.

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What should I consider when choosing a microblading course?

Accreditation and Reputation

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a microblading program is accreditation and reputation.

Look for schools recognised and accredited by reputable organisations or associations in the beauty industry.

Accreditation ensures that the course meets certain standards regarding curriculum, facilities, and teaching methods.

Here at 3Beauties Academy, our syllabus is taught and based according to PhiAcademy, an internationally recognized step-by-step qualification assessment with stringent certification standards.

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Experienced and Qualified Trainers

The expertise and experience of the trainers at a microblading school play a big role in your learning experience.

Research the qualifications, certifications, and professional backgrounds of the trainers. Find out how long they have been practising microblading.

It’s an especially good sign if they have notable achievements or awards.

For example, our primary microblading trainer, Kiwi Tseng, has more than a decade of experience in this field as a microblading artist and trainer, with countless satisfied clients and students, and multiple PhiAcademy certifications.

Experienced trainers can offer valuable insights, practical tips, and guidance based on their real-world experiences, which will enhance the quality of your education!

Additionally, consider their reputation within the industry by researching reviews, testimonials, and success stories of graduate students.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Review the syllabus offered by the various microblading courses before enrolling in the certification program.

Ensure the course covers all the training you need throughout your learning process.

A comprehensive curriculum should include topics such as

  • eyebrow design

  • colour theory

  • skin types

  • hygiene and sterilisation practices

  • client consultation

  • mapping techniques

The modules should balance theoretical knowledge and practical application, allowing you to develop the necessary skills for successful microblading.

It should also provide you with hands-on training. After all, how can you become certified if you’ve never put your new skill to the test?

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Class Size and Individual Attention

When selecting the school, consider the class size and student-to-trainer ratio at the microblading course.

A smaller class often offers more personalised attention and an environment conducive to learning where trainers can

  • focus on individual progress

  • address specific questions and concerns

  • provide tailored guidance to each student

This ensures that you receive the necessary support and feedback throughout your training journey.


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Looking to hone your eyebrow embroidery skills? Join our microblading courses at 3Beauties' Academy today!

Our comprehensive training programs focuses on the PhiBrows technique, which combines the mathematics of golden ratios and semi-permanent makeup artistry to create natural-looking eyebrows.

If you are just starting out, we have a beginners course for microblading.

Looking to level up your microblading skills instead?

We also have a comprehensive MasterClass that equips you with advanced skills. We also share some tricks of the trade to ensure you gain a competitive edge.

So what are you waiting for?

Get started on your microblading journey today!

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