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Are you looking for a laser tattoo removal procedure to get rid of your unwanted tattoo?

Before booking your first tattoo removal session, consider this.

Tattoo removal procedures that use laser technology, such as pico laser treatment, come with risks for infections, permanent scarring, residual pigmentation changes, and skin discolourations.

Not to mention, these are painful, pricey, and require multiple visits to get the pigments gone, and sometimes not even for good.

Luckily, this laser tattoo removal treatment isn’t your only choice for tattoo removal in Singapore.

Say hello to a stress-free tattoo removal process

hybrid laser tattoo removal treatment

Our PhiRemoval and NanoPulse technologies at 3Beauties are non-laser and hybrid tattoo removal techniques.

Our tattoo removal sessions are gentle, pain-free, and affordable—with none of the accompanying issues that come with traditional laser tattoo removal treatments.


PhiRemoval is an advanced non-laser complete pigment removal procedure that gets rid of unwanted semi-permanent makeup (brow/liner/lip embroidery) and tattoo ink.

This tattoo removal procedure is best for small tattoos, eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner embroidery, and lip embroidery.

after two treatment sessions
alternative to effective laser tattoo removal

Tattoo Removal with PhiRemoval

option for pico laser tattoo removal

Removes all traces of tattoo pigments to restore your desired look

Patchy tattoo colours? Botched amateur tattoos?

Whatever your tattoo dilemma is, you can rest assured that no unwanted tattoos, cosmetic tattooing, and other forms of skin discolouration will be left with PhiRemoval’s complete pigment removal.

no need for laser beams

Does not affect hair growth

Worried about losing brows when you get eyebrow embroidery removal?

That’s definitely possible when removing tattoos using laser energy.

But PhiRemoval doesn’t interrupt hair growth or affect your existing hair so you can sit back and enjoy your tattoo removal journey in peace.

Safe and effective with zero to minimal pain

Have sensitive skin? PhiRemoval is suitable and safe for virtually almost every skin type.

No scarring, necrosis, rubber band-like sting, and chronic sensitivity—none of the issues that come with the usual laser tattoo removal services, just a new chapter for you to write your own story.

alternative to effective laser tattoo removal

How PhiRemoval Works

Watch this video to learn how PhiRemoval works


Our works

The patented PhiRemoval has given many of our customers a new lease on life.

We have over 400 5-star reviews and a 100%-satisfaction rate to date. See why below.

Eyebrow Tattoo Removal

tattoo completely disappear
tattoo removals
effective tattoo removal
no hair removal necessary

Eyeliner Tattoo Removal

quick healing process
remove tattoos
fewer treatment sessions for tattoo removal
no fragmented ink pigments

Lip Tattoo Removal

no damage to surrounding skin
better than fractional laser removal


The NanoPulse tattoo removal is a specially formulated integrated technique safe for ink extraction trademarked by us.

Performed exclusively by our own PhiAcademy-certified experts—Kiwi Tseng and Paul Kwan—with over 15 years of experience, it is best for removing large body tattoos.

Tattoo Removal with NanoPulse

integrated laser tattoo removal

Comfortable, with zero to minimal pain

With low-power laser beams and the certified PhiRemoval process, NanoPulse’s hybrid technique ensures that each client enjoys a comfortable tattoo removal process.

laser beam for tattoo removal session

Effective even against tough, hard-to-remove tattoo colours

NanoPulse’s integrated tattoo removal method utilises ultra short pulses of laser coupled with a nano needling technique to extract tougher-to-remove tattoo pigments.

laser beam for tattoo removal session

Cost-effective and works fast

The hybrid use of laser technology allows NanoPulse to be more affordable while disintegrating ink faster than traditional laser tattoo removal treatments.

How NanoPulse Works

Watch this video to learn how NanoPulse works


Our works

Body Tattoo Removal

body tattoo removal in Singapore
hybrid laser treatment
disintegrates tattoo ink
hybrid laser tattoo removal

No Pigment Left Unturned with 3Beauties' Tattoo Removal Treatment

Removing unwanted tattoos doesn’t have to be painful, pricey, or stressful.

Our tattoo removal professionals at 3Beauties offer PhiRemoval and NanoPulse—gentle and affordable alternative treatments for tattoo removal.

With our help, you can finally live the version of yourself you like best.

Ready to start a new chapter?

Over 400+ positive reviews on Facebook & Google can't be wrong

Our PhiRemoval has given many of our customers a new lease of life, with hundreds of 5-star reviews and a 100% satisfaction rate.
One hundred, yes.
Based on 116 reviews
Eugene Ong
Eugene Ong
I was a skeptic at first but upon hearing the explanation from the CS I did my first session . The process wasn’t as painful as I was expected, probably I’ll rate it 2/10 and my tattoo faded away over time . I decided t complete the removal treatment and it took 5 sessions to have a clean results . Overall experience was very well and most importantly the end result . I’m a 100% satisfied customer and will recommend anyone to come here .
Leong Zi Hui
Leong Zi Hui
Ms Kiwi is an excellent trainer. She is very patient with us and supports her students in every way. Throughout our Eyebrow Embroidery Master Course, she was very generous in imparting her skills and knowledge to us. Told us all the trade secrets and how we can stand out from the rest of our competitors. We attended this course as a group of friends and I would like to thank her on behalf of all of us!
Thank you Ms Aleena for your constant support, guidance and encouragement towards me. Even after I have finished my Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Course, you continued to check in on me and assisted me with any problems I faced!
Singh E
Singh E
Happy graduate! 🙂 Just completed my Non-Laser Tattoo Removal Course with The Academy @ 3 Beauties and I really want to thank my Trainers, Ms Sandy & Ms Jolin. The course was really good and I have learnt so much in such a short time.
Wee Sheng Tan
Wee Sheng Tan
Friendly staff and importantly their knowledge of tattoo impressed me . My specialist Paul will explain in details before proceeding with my tattoo removal procedure . As I am very worried about painful experience, he will comfort me and bother to apply numbing cream for much longer time to allow me to have a almost zero pain experience.
charlize lim
charlize lim
Would like to say a big thanks to all the trainers for the advance eyelash extensions course. They have taught me many tricks to simplify each steps yet without compromising the whole lash set. Greatly appreciate their efforts.
Grace Kagomi
Grace Kagomi
Highly recommend!!!! From service to skills and cleanliness!!! Did my eyebrow embroidery laser remover and tattoo remover, fast and painless !!!
Doreen Oh
Doreen Oh
I have attended their 2 days basic eyelash extensions class from 1-2 oct . It was an enjoyable experience . The trainers are friendly and very willing to handheld you along whenever you face any issues . We even had coffee session with my course mates and the trainers to share our course experiences . Special thanks to our trainer Ms Kiwi & her team and I’m looking forward to attend their advance course soon (:
Ariel Tan
Ariel Tan
My tattoo removal journey with them was a pleasant one for the past months . Specialist Paul advised me to take a 2-3 months break with proper after care so that my body will naturally get rid of the tattoo ink after my 3rd session which will save cost and it’s a correct way to deal with it . This was a very considerate advice from him putting his customer’s interest at heart . Kudos to team 3 beauties for a job well done !
Chua Jia Xuan
Chua Jia Xuan
I need to express my heart felt thanks to master Kiwi from Taiwan🇹🇼 for spending her time spend with me patiently & guiding me through out the whole eyebrow master course . You can feel her sincerity in passing what she had learn all her years of experience. She'll go the extra mile to stay behind the class to spot the mistakes in our homework to make sure we are ready to take on working on a live model the next day . Im really overwhelmed with happiness that i did a perfect set of 6D microblading on my first try ! 谢谢美女kiwi 大师你的真心细心的指导❤️

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